Do you like riddles? We surely do! Since we all dreamed of solving mysteries in a sherlock holmes style, we came to the idea to make it happen. Nearly every child used to pretend to be a detective while playing with friends. The concept of escape rooms proved to be an instant hit. New types of escape rooms popped up like mushrooms all around the world. Solving riddles with your besties can be really challenging and entertaining at the same time. As an indie vr studio, creating immersive apps and games for various platforms and true fans of this kind of entertainment, we have decided to create a new game, based on the concept of an escape room. We named it "Vth Room".

Vth Room is the first virtual reality escape room, created exclusively on htc vive. The outstanding positional tracking of this hardware works perfectly for the games concept, making it a fully immersive simulation of an escape room.

A whole variety of scenarios with different difficulty levels, fully interactive world, truly engaging story, creative riddles, which need to be solved and only one way to escape! The vth room hides many secrets, which are waiting to be revealed. Will you find all the clues?

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